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Philosophy of Mind Continued 4

In previous weeks of talking about mind, we have noted how the empirical account of what a mind is depends upon some presuppositions. We have talked about how Kant recognized both the power of empiricism to overthrow “dogmatic” rationalism, but …

Philosophy of Mind Continued 2

We are asking the question: How is experience itself possible?

We have experiences, and all empirical knowledge emerges from experience. So, empiricists believe that all knowledge (in toto) emerges from experience.

But what is the nature of experience itself? What …

Kant’s Transcendental Idealism

Kant was born in 1724 in Königsberg, East Prussia (what is now Kaliningrad, Russia). He died in 1804 in Königsberg. He lived his entire life in the city of his birth. He was educated and ultimately taught at the university …